Top 3 Paid Mobile Traffic Sources That All Newbie Need To Start With

Important of Mobile Traffic in Internet Marketing World
Smart phone has becomes an essential accessories for us today, not a luxury anymore. And most people are accessing internet through their mobile phone or iPad rather than PC today. Therefore it is undeniable mobile traffic is vital important to internet marketers now. However as you know, getting targeted and quality mobile traffic is not as easy as 1,2,3. Before even starts to getting traffic the first thing we need to get it right is to make sure our sites are fully optimized for mobile devices.
Now, we will review the Top 3 mobile traffic sources that can help you to draw traffic to your profitable online businesses.

1. Google Admob
Admob was not part of Google initially until Google acquired them in November 2009 for $750 millions.The name is a portmanteau for “advertising on mobile”。Since the acquisition, Google has expanded it’s mobile advertising tremendously.

With Admob highly optimized targeting capabilities, you can optimize your ads to be viewed only by the people who are most related, targeted and interested in your business, thus increasing your click through rate which in turn help you to make more sale and profit.
Besides that, Admob has various types of ad formats and options for you to choose from, this help you to further optimize your ads performance by testing and finding the right ad formats that can give you best ROI.

Remember, Admob is owned by Google, the is another great advantage of Admob why most marketers prefer to use Admob to get mobile traffic. This is because you are able to use all of Google’s advertising tools to help you to ensure your campaigns is more robust and generate more return. Furthermore, since it is under Google names, there will be better receptiveness and willingness of publishers to integrate your ads in their apps. And surprisingly, not like in Google Adwords, you actually can advertise affiliate offers in Admob. Therefore Admob is really a great platform for you to get mobile traffic to advertise all your affiliate programs. However, and of course you have to make sure all of your offers are in full compliance to their TOS first. .

2. InMobi
Although competing with internet giants like Facebook and Goolge in the mobile advertising domain, InMobi is the largest independent mobile advertising platform in the world. By working with a large number of publishers and developers and through world top mobile ad exchanges, it has a reach of over 1.5 billion unique mobile devices across the globe markets, including the UK, Europe, US, South Africa and India. Major InMobi advertisers include leading brands such as Ford, Amazon and Levis.

Thousand of consumers discover new products and services through InMobi every month. Currently, InMobi is able to support various types of ads, for example Interstitials, Banners, Rewarded Videos and Native Ads. The good news is InMobi has acquired a mobile rich media company called Sprout, and this has enable InMobi to offer premium mobile ads to its customers.

3. AirPush
One of the most popular mobile ads advertising platform is Airpush. With Airpush, you get the ability to intuitively engage with users, rather than annoy them with annoying or disruptive banner ads. It uses non-disruptive notifications on the users’ devices home screen rather than some splash ads, and this has been proven to naturally increase click through rate by users.

Based on some analysis, it has been proven that some advertisers have achieved increase in conversion rate of about 400-500% after switching to Airpush. Therefore it is strongly advise you to have a look and feel of Airpush if you have decided to give mobile traffic a try.

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