Weight Loss Program For Women

Aline just went in studio again and has recorded a few more workout videos, especially designed for women over 50 who are beginners. These new workouts focus on all your body and they are created for you so that your body adjusts to working out! If you are a beginner or you have had injuries in the past or you are in a bad shape, and you can’t do Alines Morning Fat Melter workouts yet, these are the exact workouts you need! After you do them for 2-3 weeks, maybe even a month, you will have lost at least 10 pounds and you will be ready to do the Morning Fat Melter workouts. !

Thousands of women worldwide have used this weight loss system to lose over 13 pounds each month and reach their ideal weight in record time!

But don’t take my word for it. I’ll show you verifiable facts.

But before that, imagine waking up tomorrow with as much energy as you had in your twenties, even if you’re 70 now! Watch, as day by day, your stubborn belly dissolves. You’ll look and feel healthier than you have in decades. 

And you’ll discover that the symptoms of major health issues like hyperthyroidism, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic joint pain, and more will fade so rapidly it will reaffirm your faith, or make you a believer.  

Most mind-blowing of all, the Morning Fat Melter Program eliminates dangerous toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body to unlock energy reserves that make you feel young again and breathe vitality into every cell in your body!

That’s exactly what Ann, a 58 years old grandmother from California, discovered…  

She was in such a bad shape that she couldn’t exercise when she started… All she did in the first month was adding the powerful herbs & nutrients you will learn today to her meals! But she lost 13 pounds in her first month anyway

Then, in her 2nd month, she started to do the 15 minutes easy workouts, and she lost 73 pounds in 7 months, and all her family was amazed …  

Then, her daughter who’s 42 had started and lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks, and now she looks great. 

Or Destiny who lost 58 pounds of fat in under 4 months!

And her boss, Barbara, a 47 years old mom with 3 children, lost 83 pounds of unwanted body fat in just 6 months!

Based on thousands of women who have followed The Morning Fat Melter Program, the average weight loss over the 30 days of the program is 13 pounds, or more than 1 pound every 3 days!

Women like Janet from Dallas, Texas, who lost 23 pounds in the first 30 days, and then, 3 months since she started, she had lost a total of 54 pounds!

Or Jill, who was 190 pounds when she started… She lost 21 pounds in the first 30 days, then she continued to follow the program and got to 130 pounds, which is 10 pounds less than what she was in college. 

Over 20.000 women have reached their ideal weight last year, following Aline’s plan!

Aline Pilani - trainer of the year 2017

Because of the amazing results that Aline’s clients are getting, Aline was awarded with “The Trainer Of The Year Award” in 2018, making me really proud to be her partner.

Yes, in 2018, over 20.000 women who have bought the Morning Fat Melter program, have reached their ideal weight and have managed to keep it off ever since. 

What most weight loss programs accomplish in 3-4 months, The Morning Fat Melter Program does in only 30 days, including:

✔ lose 13 pounds of body fat or more

✔ drop 4 dress sizes or more

✔ reduce your cellulite drastically 

double your energy level so you can keep up with your grandkids 

✔ reduce your blood sugar & cholesterol  

✔ lose inches from your waist and thighs 

✔ double your metabolism & increase your overall health  

The Morning Fat Melter requires no restrictive dieting, calorie counting, crazy workouts or impossible-to-follow rules.

You don’t have to starve yourself, take supplements or buy expensive mail-order meals.

There’s NO extreme exercising. Our workouts are easy, take only 15 minutes, and once you follow Aline’s lead, you won’t believe how fun they are and how amazing you’ll feel after you have done them! 

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